“Hi, Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy your 3 cd set. I have been using it now for a couple of months and I am really blown away with all I can do with it and am looking forward to learning new projects in the future.

I created a portrait of my husband's mom and dad using the set, the two photos I used were taken 2 years apart and shortly before each of them passed away.

They were never much for having their picture taken, but with your tutuorials, I easily took each of them from another picture and combined them using layers of pinkinsh purple clouds and laying that with some white wispy clouds. (I have always taken lots of pictures with clouds and it paid off to keep them).

My husbands family is in awe of the portrait and I plan to give each of them copies for Christmas this year.

I can't wait for the next cd.....I love this program.”
-- Trish, Alabama

“Stephanie, I just bought your 3 ebooks. I am hooked. As a matter of fact I have today off since. it is July 4th and have been practicing your tutorials for 12,hours straight. I have some beautiful work accomplished already. I have tried to use YouTube to learn but they are too fast and I get frustrated. But your books have opened doors for me. If you have more, I WILL buy them. I am so happy with your product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
-- Julie Bailey

“Your books have saved me so much time pouring through the Adobe Photoshop manuals, time that is mostly in short supply. I have done an initial run-through of your books and can think of so many ways to use them. They are certainly worth the cost. I layered a picture of an abandoned maple sugar house on top of a picture of maple leaves. I'm blown away by this technique. What a great way to do backgrounds for portraits.

Thanks again so much. I know that I will use these the rest of my photography life.”
-- Linda, Lake Placid New York

“I just want to say that I ordered the 3 ebooks and this was the best investment that I could have ever made. Had I known your tutorials were available, I would have been working as a master of Photoshop a long time ago.

Thank you so much for these easy to follow tutorials. You did an absolutely fantastic job creating these documents.”
-- Tammi, South Carolina

“Stephanie Laird's digital creations are simply magnificent! I have been drawn to her work from the first moment I saw it...”
-- Doreen Erhardt, St George Salon of Art

“Your instruction books are FABULOUS! I don't think I've ever been as excited about trying new methods as I am now after perusing the instruction books! Thanks so much for putting together such a comprehensive, easy to understand instructional. Wish you lived in Connecticut!”
-- Rosemary, Connecticut

“Despite the fact that I have been a professional photographer for more than half of my life, Stephanie Laird's Artistic Elements Books 1 and 2 were full of helpful tips that I could easily apply to Photoshop. Her techniques brought me outside the straight technical and into the construction of aesthetics via separate image components. Stephanie's techniques will unleash any creative mind and permit the production of images limited only by one's imagination. I highly recommend these e-books to anyone who may be bored with the status quo.”
-- Robert Cohen, Media Specialist / Digital Artist

“Stephanie, I just purchased both of your ebooks and they work super on PS7 software. I love the way your examples are setup and the easy to use menus to follow. It should be noted that it still takes a great photo to start the process and a lot of practice to get to where your work looks natural and creative. Maybe someday I'll be near your spot on the learning curve. Right now I'm just Dangerous!”
-- Ken, New Mexico

“This is very useful. It is helping me to go beyond photography on to fine art. It is just the inspiration I needed! Thanks so much.”
-- Joyce

“Hi Stephanie. Thank you for the information and inspiration I found in your two Artistic Element E-Books. I use Photoshop rather than Elements but the principals are the same. I love your work and aspire to create digital artworks as compelling and beautiful as yours. Thanks again”
-- Ray, Houston, TX

“I just wanted say a big "thank you" to you for your books. They have helped me so much. Whenever I have a question about how to do something, I go to your cd. Thanks to you my pictures have moved to a new level. They are not perfect, but I feel good enough about them to display them in my gallery. Speaking of galleries, I love looking at you work, in fact, I check them nearly everyday to see what you have done. Your work is an inspiration to me. :) Thanks, again.”
-- Lucy, Roseburg, OR

“Stephanie, I just bought your PS Elements Book and read through it. I am very familiar with PS as far as the tools, etc., I just haven't done a lot with layers. I'm looking forward to trying some of your techniques! Thanks. I enjoyed your book. (Glad it wasn't too technical!) Thanks again!! ”
-- Kelly, Sioux Falls, SD

“Hi, Thanks for a great book, I've just purchased it. It's so great. I now can work on projects that I did not know how to begin. I'll be waiting for book 2. I've noticed shadows in some of your pictures, it'll be great if you can include instructions on how to create them in book 2.
Thanks for a great book.”
-- George, Monterey, CA.

“Wow, Stephanie, your books are awesome! The simple step-by-step processes explained in both of them made it easy to change my average photographs into works of art! I can’t wait for your upcoming new releases; in the meantime I'll continue recommending these to everyone that wants to add even a little pizzazz to their photos! Thank you!”
-- Danielle, Santa Barbara, CA.

“Loved your book and printed it 2 times. One for me and one for my daughters. Now we have to go to office depot and buy ink. HA HA Congratualtions on a wonderful book.
-- Kathy, Pompano Beach, FL.

“Stephanie, thank you...I just downloaded your two books...they are amazing..I found your ad on my facebook...this is just what I have been looking for..you explain everything perfectly...I just made my first silhouette...LOL...I have photoshop elements 7, and bought a book on how to use it, but never learned a thing...this is the best money I have spent...so thank you again, and if you write more, I'm interested...”